This website showcases recent digital prints produced in the studio in Hereford. Images range from abstract to complex patterns through to imaginary worlds. All are printed using the finest pigmented Ultrachrome inks from Epson and acid-free Huhnemuhle German Etching paper 310 gsm. All the prints except for those on canvas are printed in the studio on the state of the art large format SC P6000 Printer.

To browse images first look at the Galleries where you can read about each print by hovering over the image, if there is a print that you like proceed to the Shops to see if it is directly for sale. It is easy to make a purchase by credit or debit card by using the shopping cart and proceeding to the checkout.

For United Kingdon customers the total prince includes first class postage.

Good feedback

It always helps to know what people think about one's work, and about this website for instance. With helpful feedback I can understand what others are seeing that I can't, what others notice that I haven't. With this knowledge I can make changes and improvements.

As a printmaker for over 40 years (I began in earnest in 1976) my main source of feedback was whether I sold a print or not, confirmation if you like that I had got it right for someone - or one hundred people in the case of an edition of prints. I used to think if I sold one copy it might be just chance, if I sold two it might be just coincidence, but if I sold three copies I could probably sell all of an edition. So every time I complete a design or upload a new image on here I'm hoping that I have got it right once more. Well not every print is a winner and even after all this time I really can't tell if the latest print will prove to be a best seller or not. Perhaps that is just as well, as it helps me carry on producing art work. To be well satisfied in advance is not a good thing and is usually the kiss of death as far as sales go.

Right now I am deciding on the perfect title for a new print that I have been working on for the best part of a year (who said digital printmaking was quick?) Until I have hit upon the correct title I can't upload the image on here or begin to market and sell it. Which brings me to the question of why I title all my prints - it is surprising how often I have been asked about this process over the years. For starters it helps identify the individual edition, and after producing well over a couple of hundred that becomes rather important, but also allows me to give just a hint of the way the print has been conceived and exactly what I might like the viewer to sense is behind the meaning of the image. Nothing too obvious or descriptive - that's a wasted opportunity - how often have I seen print titled 'Tree #7' or some such which is just lazy. I spend hours thinking through possible titles, writing them down to see what they will look like, searching for the perfect match to the image that conveys just the right amount of meaning or insight.

For now I have a short list of eight titles, all of them circling a particular idea, some catchy, some inelegant, some too long but none of them quite there yet. Often I like to pick up on some less obvious idea within the image, something almost ethereal in this case. Oh well nothing to be done but sleep on it and see what the morning brings. Meanwhile my brain will subconsciously do its work and give me my own feedback if I'm lucky.

The Weeping Window

The Weeping Window